Who is Lambie, you ask?

“Look, Mom, look! I have my own website!”

Welcome to LambieCam.com!

Your access to everything Lambie.

Since 2010, Lambie has entertained children & adults with her outrageous adventures! Lambie has gathered so many fans from around the world and is honored that her work is enjoyed by so many. With over 6.9 million views and over 14,400 subscribers its quite an accomplishment!

Join Lambie as she does toy unboxings, travels, goes out & about, kid friendly cooking & crafts, celebrates various holidays, and helps kids with everyday kid problems. Lambie is an advocate for anti-bullying and believes that everyone should be allowed to be themselves.

Jim Henson created The Muppets and Walt Disney created all his characters. I’m sure people called them crazy too. But like me, they did it for the sake of entertainment. For kids and adults who are kids at heart.

To all of Lamie’s fans: Thank you for all your kind words, shout out videos, fan mail, & emails. It touches my heart.

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Also, keep up with your favorite lamb by reading her blogs! And we all know Lambie…she gets up to many adventures!

As the website gets going, you will find more and more Lambie content and we even a Lambie STORE! We have T-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, buttons, bags, key chains, calendars, mugs, bumper stickers, pillows, and more! Lambie’s CafePress Store

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