“Look, Mom, Look! My own website!” ~Lambie

Hi Everybody, Lambie here.

I will be using my new website to keep you updated on all my adventures. As well as when I have a new video out.

Search around a bit. You will find links to my Facebook fan page, my Twitter account, my Dailybooth page, and of course, my YouTube channel.

Also, keep up with me by reading my blogs! And we all know me…I get up to many adventures!

As the website gets going, you will find more and more Lambie content and hopefully soon, even a Lambie STORE! We hope to have T-shirts, hoodies, buttons, bags, key chains, calendars, mugs, bumper stickers, pillows, and more!

We even hope to start contests! Bookmark this website to stay up to date!

Thank you for all your support! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, “Like” me on my Facebook fan page, check out my daily photos on my Dailybooth photo site, & follow me on Twitter!

Also, create your own FREE account here so you can post comments and such!

“Listen to the lamb” as I conquer the internet.

Love & Stuff,

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