Lambie Blog at!

Hey everyone! Lambie here! I have decided that instead of just posting pictures and videos here on my website, I am going to start using my Lambie Blog more. I never really type out anything. Mainly because it takes me forever to write up a blog post because by paws have trouble typing on Mom’s keyboard. Maybe I will have her type for me and I will just tell her what I want to say from now on for my Lambie Blog. LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know about that. I think I need to use my website more often. I post a lot on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. So its not like I am out of touch with everyone. But I feel like I am not using my website to the degree I could be using it. So I am gonna start posting more. So be sure to bookmark my website here. Also, you can sign up for FREE on this website as a user so that way you can leave me comments and such on my posts. 🙂 The link to sign up for my website is over on the left hand side of the screen where my menu is.

I think I want to change the look of my website but I am not sure how I want it to look yet. Decisions, decisions…

Well, I will go for now. But I just wanted to let you all know what my plans are. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thank you for checking out my Lambie Blog!

Daily Thoughts:

1. I plan on working on my website today!

2. I found some Girl Scouts! I got Samaos and Tagalongs! Yummy! I think I will eat some while working on my Lambie Blog today! LOL

Girl Scouts on Lambie Blog!

I found some Girl Scouts!