Lambie’s Online Store and Updated Logo!

Lambie’s online store is at and features a ton of Lambie themed stuff!

  • shirts, pajamas, tank tops, and hoodies for all ages (babies through adults)
  • other clothing items (flip flops, hats, shorts, etc)
  • jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, etc)
  • cups and water bottles
  • tablet and phone covers
  • bags and purses (all colors and styles)
  • items for your room (rugs, curtains, pillows, stuffed animals,  bedding, blankets, posters, clocks, calendars, jewelry boxes, etc)
  • items for your bathroom (shower curtains and rugs)
  • items for your car (plate frames, bumper stickers, window stickers, car magnets, etc)
  • items for your pets (bowls, collar tags, clothes, etc)
  • items for school (lunch bags, magnets for your locker, gym bags, book bags, and more!)
  • various random items (mirrors, luggage tags, lunch boxes, aprons, coasters, wall clocks, fridge magnets, stickers, blankets, pillows, candle holders, jewelry boxes, buttons, golf balls, balloons, note books, etc.  )